Nintendo Controller Silver Cufflinks

A misconception exists that all gamers are teenagers high on soda pop and most often seen wearing scruffy jeans and dirty t-shirts. Who said you can’t enjoy the benefits of having style along with a love for gaming. After all, no one said you can’t settle down on your couch in an Armani and play games!


The Nintendo Controller Silver Cufflinks will go with just about any of your most elegant shirts, and will send the message of your fanaticism for Nintendo across most subtly. CrimsonKing gives you the option of owning these mini NES controllers as a tie tack, pendant or other accessory and will throw in a cute gift box just for the heck of it. This is probably just what you need to look hot when on your date with a geeky girl. Just don’t try using the $18 cufflinks with your long sleeved hoodie; you might make too much of a statement.

Via: Etsy

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