Fear Chicken Riot in Your Farm? Start Shooting!

If you are the kind of person who always wanted to live on a farm, you would be pleased to know that several others who feel the same way. In fact, the urge to stay on a farm and tend to chickens is such a common ambition that there is even a game called Chicken Riot.

chicken riot

Every farmer, and every farmer-in-a-dream, would have dreamed or thought about what might happen when the chickens go crazy and start running amok.

chicken riot hens

In Chicken Riot, you would shoot all the chicken that are flying, running and just creating a mess on your farm. This Redneck Chicken Riot is a great game that could be played with kids, and don’t expect it to teach your children about Animal Rights.

chicken riot farmer

The shooter game even comes with two-player mode and you could avail of bonus egg upgrades and outrageous weapons. This crazy game would be released on the 23rd of February, 2010 and would cost you $19.99.

chicken riot farm

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