Bowling ball for Wii, the Wi-BOWL

I love bowling! Though I admit, bowling is a game that is more fun in person than in a virtual world, Wii games managed to break through this bias of mine with the Wi-BOWL.

wii bowling ball

Take one look at the ball and you feel like going Wii bowling forever! Wii bowling experience has just been bumped up to a new level with this spectacular Wi – bowl which when combined with your wii-remote becomes a performance-enhancing accessory. The Wi-bowl functions as a mimic to your actions, making the experience entirely real. Learn how to operate these balls at ctadigital, where you can gain more information on the specs and compatibility.

Just look at it! is all I can say. An amazing idea and application of technology to personalize and bring home to all the Wii fans the fun game of bowling. After this, I’d imagine, the frenzied supporters of Wii making a beeline for Wii gaming would definitely increase in number. Join me in line,  for I am, already a huge fan!

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