The Contaminant Dragons To Be Destroyed By L’arc In Arc Rise Fantasia

Even though these handheld gaming devices like Nintendo Wii and PSP may not be offered a gaming Experience as like as a full fledged gaming consoles give but that doesn’t mean that they are inferior. To prove their worth, there is always a game which comes and shows that these handheld devices are no less than those consoles. Here is one such game which has been developed by Imageepoch. This  “Arc Rise Fantasia” on which Imageepoch has worked really hard. Marvelous Entertainment is coming up to publishing this marvelous game and its going to be released on 22nd June, 2010.

Arc Rise Fantasia Game

The game’s plot has been basically set up in the Meridian Empire which is constantly getting troubled by creatures. These are called Contaminant Dragons and they cause trouble in flocks while passing through the Meridian. If one gets killed then the explosion leads to the poisoning of the area.

Arc Rise Fantasia Game 1Arc Rise Fantasia Game 4

One day the king gets to know that a massive horde wants to destroy the capital of Diamant and he immediately sends his army which includes our protagonist L’Arc and his friend Alf. Alf is a prince and the second in line for the throne. It’s basically a role playing game where during a battle, the player and the enemy can make their moves at the same phase of the fight and the actions taken place determine the turn order.

Arc Rise Fantasia Game 3Arc Rise Fantasia Game 6

Each party has three characters who together share a single AP gauge. This gauge can get empty while performing actions. There are certain parts of the game where an active team might have four members instead of three but the fourth one will be controlled by AI. To increase the player’s excitement during a battle, a special attack called Trinity Act has been included where each of the three characters can use certain ability.

Arc Rise Fantasia Game 2Arc Rise Fantasia Game 5

This is a spell bounding game and is sure to capture the interest of the player and to have this game to be pre-booked at $39.99. The trailer glimpse is here.

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