Idle NES Inspires Modders

What would you do if you has a  couple of NES lying aro0und with not much use in the house? I am sure you would just ignore them, if you can’t think of anything creative.

nes mod

However, Sniper Season on Flickr had the creativity to turn his idle NESes into something really cool, with a little effort of course. He opened the 2 NES that he had with him, and used the metal plate to put a window in it. He was assisted by his father in order to make the final mod possible. Using an electric saw and some trial and error methods, the father-son duo created this awesome mod, whose purpose still beats me.

It almost looks like a piece of art to me, and art does not need to have any purpose, except evoke emotions! This mod certainly evokes the emotion of nostalgia ion me, and I am sure many people would remember those days of NES games a couple of decades ago. You could also take a look at the SNES and NES combined consoles.

2 thoughts on “Idle NES Inspires Modders

  1. Atariplayer52 .

    Really cool mod! It is kind of pointless but who needs a point when you have a mod like that?

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