Ancient Victorian Mario Painting Is Dated Back To 1895!!

According to my information sources in England, there seems to be quite a huge debate struck between the archeological and gaming societies about the truthfulness of the exact time line during which this picture below was painted, which highly resembles one of our gaming legends-Mario.

By now you might have guessed  that around half of what I spoke about in the above few lines are probably fake, which is very true, but the first glance at the image would probably make you believe all the above crap. I think its high time now to clear off the confusion I might have created in your brains, actually this is a creation of Das Chupa, who titled his art as the Victorian Mario- his representation of Mario during the great Victorian Era.

When carefully observed one can see how this picture so deeply resembles the pictures of those time, little details like the mustache, Victorian era glasses and the classic color scheme make it look all the more real, and gives us an idea of how our gaming hero would look during those times.

You could also have a look at the art forms that depict Mario in a completely different fashion like the Super Mario Soda Display or the delicious looking Mario Cup Cakes.

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