Cool Wii Sports Easter Eggs

The Nintendo Wii is getting hacked and ‘modded’ even more than computers for its ease of use. But today I’m not going to tell you how to mod your Nintendo Wii or install Linux on it, even though I will later on in other posts, but instead I’m going to show you some hidden easter eggs, not cheats, inside Wii Sports. The easter eggs are in Baseball, Tennis, Bowling and Boxing.

I’m going to separate each sport into a paragraph and then all you have to do is just find your desired one a read it.

First of all I’m going to start with a simple BOWLING one that you might or might not know about. On the screen, during the black screen that is fading for bowling, press down any of the directional arrows on the controller to change the color of the ball. The up arrow will give you a blue ball, the right arrow will give you a gold ball, the left arrow will give you a red ball and the down arrow will give you a green ball. This next one is for bowling power throws, where you have to see how many pins you can knock down with one single strike, the number of pins increases by level. On the last level, when there are 75 or more, you’ll know when, try to get the ball on top of the barrier and keep trying as much as you can since it’s difficult. It is pretty hard to do but the end result is awesome, and I think I’m going to let you find out by yourself.

Next is a BOXING easter egg. After you’ve beaten the grand champion, solo player only, you’ll have silver gloves. To equip them hold down (1) when the screen is black and loading the match.

Next is TENNIS. You probably know about this one but I’m still going to tell you how to do it anyway. Once again when the screen is black and the match is loading press (2) to change the colour of your court to BLUE.

This one is for BASEBALL. While your bowling, or throwing the ball, hold down (2) and then throw. This will let you through under arm. It’s not effective but it’s cool.

So that’s all the ‘current’ Nintendo Wii Sports easter eggs I have for you. But be sure to come back as I will find out more. Thanks

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