The Spookiest Zelda Tale You’ll Ever Hear

This has to be one of the most unsettling stories we’ve ever heard, and it’s about videogames. This little tale is about a second-year college student who by fate or by accident stumbles onto a mysterious cartridge for the classic Nintendo 64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

It may sound a bit cheesy around the start, because of how the story begins: A kid is given an old beat up Nintendo 64 from his friend. The only game he is given is the original Super Smash Bros. Eventually, the main character of the story becomes bored with beating up AI opponents and decides to scour the city for garage sales where he may find a copy of a game he’d like to play.

He ends up finding a weird copy of Majora’s Mask, which is given to him by a spooky old man. The game feels normal at first, but the things that begin to happen within the game become increasingly disturbing.

The story goes on to and eventually can even make the reader uneasy. Perhaps it’s because it’s a game we grew up playing, and because of that we almost feel as if we can relate.

This isn’t the first such story to become popular around the internet, a story featuring a mysterious Pokemon “Black” cartridge for the Game Boy has also made its rounds in recent months. This may be a new trend in internet storytelling, and as long as it doesn’t become overused, it may be fun.

While we know that the stories aren’t true, we think that they are interesting reads.  Still, they have the ability to leave the reader feeling a bit creeped out.

The writer of this story went the extra mile by including videos that showed the bizzarre happenings throughout the game. Just for fun, we’ve included one of the videos below:

Take a few minutes of your time, and read the linked story. It’s not very long, and is sure to leave some readers looking over their shoulders. You can read the story here: Haunted Majora’s Mask

If creepy isn’t your thing, we understand. Perhaps some less dreary links will be a bit more to your liking. Want cake? Here you go!

Or look at this great piece of Mario art in South Texas.

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