A Tetris Outfit That Scores High Points In My Heart

If you thought you had the best Halloween outfit last month — think again my friends. This imaginative pair of trick-or-treaters went old school NES with a Tetris TV outfit that steals the show.

tetris image 1

Ah, Halloween — the perfect time of year where anytime is a good time for candy, scaring unsuspecting folks is part of the fun, and goofy costumes are acceptable, if not required attire.

Some adults think that dressing up is child’s play (they’re also stupid), but it’s great to see when people stick out their tongues at such pompous notions and go with the Halloween flow. They even get super creative and make such stupendous costumes.

This costume, by Irene Stone with her canine companion Buster, is not only super creative, but also super nostalgic of the days where TVs had rabbit ears, video games came in 8-bit, and you had to change the channel to 3 just to play. (Days gone bye, indeed. I don’t think I was even born yet.)

Irene designed a TV costume displaying the world’s favorite block puzzle game Tetris, and for added impressiveness designed a NES controller outfit for her little furry buddy. Come on, everyone say it all together: “D’awww…”

tetris image 2

From her pictures, it seems Irene hand made the TV portion of her costume out of a cardboard box, painted a TV with Tetris playing on the screen, and then added movable block-piece stickers to arrange in any manner she seemed fit.

Buster Controller

Meanwhile Buster’s NES controller costume looks to be made out of fabric, possibly felt, and has a black-looking cord as a leash to complete the ensemble.

Simply put, what an incredibly done costume. I hope Irene got the most candy this year at her Halloween shindig, because she and her cute mini comrade totally deserve it.

Also deserving of some praise is this Samus arm cannon built by a kid and his Dad, and this fantastic train celebrating 25 years of Super Mario Bros.

Via: Irene Stone’s Flickr Account

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