New Super Mario Bros. 3 Is A Romhack Worth Your Attention

Same classic NES game (almost), but now recreated in a new coat of paint. Check out this romhack for Super Mario Bros. 3 done in the New Super Mario Bros. style.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 is a great game, and perhaps even the best Mario game from Nintendo ever made. (Personally my vote goes to Super Mario World, but now is not the time to dredge up that tired argument.)

Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto built upon the original formula in Super Mario Bros. and brought many new wonderful aspects (the overworld map, the ability to fly, certain enemies and those wicked offspring of King Koopa himself – the Koopalings) to Super Mario Bros. 3 that would instantly became mainstays in the Mario universe.

And of course, the game will forever be tied to cinematic geek culture history thanks to 1989’s The Wizard, which revealed Super Mario Bros. 3 to American audiences in a climatic scene featuring one of the most awesome-ist video game competitions to be ever held at Universal Studios California.

Now what really makes me happy though, whenever talks of Super Mario Bros. 3 arise, as they tend to do in game geekdom, is the passionate inspiration the game invokes in talented people. From artwork and music, even mediums such as videos and comics, all draw upon Super Mario Bros. 3 for well thought out entertainment.

It even inspires romhackers (people who hack game code) to recreate its gaming brilliance – such as this one romhack created by programmer SKJmin. Using a rom (which is the electronic bits and pieces of a video game) from the Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros., SKJmin has rebuilt every 8 worlds from Super Mario Bros. 3 — including the popular and well noted Giant Zone.

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SKJmin even added stages from other Mario games like Super Mario World, and also non-Mario games (there’s a Metroid-Mario mash-up for goodness sakes) to the New Super Mario Bros. 3 mod. How super cool is that!

The only bummer to this romhack (which you can see in the video below) is that certain power-ups, including the all-mighty Kuribo’s shoe, aren’t available. Major sad panda, indeed.

Disappointment aside, SKJmin has made an impressive recreation, using the Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros., to one of my favorite –- and certainly everyone’s favorite – 2D platform game, starring that red-capped plumber – Super Mario Bros. 3. Take a look.

Do you love the music from the original Super Mario Bros.? Then why not try to learn it on piano? And if that’s a little too daunting, then just chill, relax, and check out these splendid videos of Sonic Colors!

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