Wiimote Mod is a Mini Mote

The Mini-Mote is a Wiimote mod that looks elegant and minimalist. Thankfully we are spared from a mod that would have a number of wires and microchips jutting out of corners. Instead, a chic and simplistic mod replaces the Wiimote.


After using salvaged pieces of plastic, the case for the Wii-mote was rebuilt. If you were tired of using the same old Wiimote, this could be a sleeker and more elegant option. The Mini-mote uses two batteries and the aesthetic appeal of the mod undeniable. Wiimote was small itself, but this mod is smaller and is just as functional.


He also cut pieces from the original Nanchuck casing and those pieces helped to create the final Mini-mote too. Using clay, paint and some sheer determination, DHRECK has created, what I feel is one of the most visually pleasing mods ever. You could also check out other Wii mods like the Wii Fit Mod and the Wii Emulator.



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