Funchuk Nintendo Wii Nunchuks make Gaming More Colorful

If you were looking for a funkier alternative to the Wii Nunchuck, you could try using the uber-cool Logic3 FunChuk, which comes in various colors. The Logic3 Nunchuk comes in 6 different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, white and black. The 8-way analogue thumbstick allows you to have a better gameplay while the Z & C buttons provide added


The product is ergonomically designed, which means you would not end up with sore finger joints after a few hours of playing. All games that require a Wii Nunchuk could be played easily using the Logic3 FunChuk – the cool controller costs nearly 15 Pounds.


While you are at it, you could try the Wiimote Mod or the Riiflex Weights which add a lot of fun to the Wii experience. Meanwhile, the Logic3 FunChuk is a colorful, ergonomic and functional gadget which can be used to play any game that requires the Nunchuck.


Via: Logic3

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