Geeky Wiimote Cufflinks

It is difficult to imagine gaming addicts and geeks in formal clothes. They often prefer trendy jeans and geeky design  Mario Bros T-shirts, but these Geeky Wiimote Cufflinks may inspire Nintendo fans and geeks to dress formally with cufflinks carrying distinct geeky signature.


For Wii Nintendo fans Wiimote (Wii remote) and controller attachment nunchunk are almost like a lifeline for nonstop gaming sessions. The gamers would know the control buttons even if they are in dark or are blind. So these Geeky Wiimote Cufflinks with Wiimote like design on one side and nunchunk on the other will be loved by all gaming fans and geeks. The designs don’t look all that weird. In fact these silver cufflinks look better than those usual boring ones. Priced at $150 they will be loved by all the geeks who are forced to dress formally for office and elsewhere and find the idea very boring. Geeks can try other Nintendo Controller Silver Cufflinks.

Geeky accessories and jewelry are truly making new fashion statements.

Via Craziest Gadgets

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