Wiimote Controller Earrings

The things people think of these days! In the past, if you told anyone that you were going to wear Nintendo Wiimote (remotes) on your ears everyone would think you were insane. Of course, if you travel further back in time, they would just wonder what a Wiimote controller truly is, and stare if you pronounced wii as “we” . For that matter, if you go far enough back in time, they wouldn’t even understand a word of what you were saying, but the MIGHT eat you for lunch. Enough talk of history. Moving to the present, check out these cool wiimote earrings


Yup! There you go, a fashion accessory for the true geek. What I don’t understand is how you would wear it AND operate it at the same time. IMHO, that would take a LOOTTT of maneuvering.

Unfortunately though, these earrings don’t actually work, and they are in fact clay models. But the cool thing is that none of the detail is actually painted on! It’s all hand crafted and at just over an inch in height, that is some serious detail. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you because the detailing is pretty incredible. Here’s another view


Here’s a thought… If you are the kind of person who has multiple piercings, there’s no limit to where you can put your nifty new wiimote earrings. At just 2 bucks each, these wonderful earrings (???) are available at Etsy’s.

Here is one final look at the earrings before the post ends.


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