The Beatles: Rock Band Up for Grabs

If it has been a hard day’s night and you have been working like a dog, you might want to sit back and play some Beatles. However, no gamer would like to sit back and listen to music on the couch next to the fireplace like nannies and hence, The Beatles: Rock Band will surely blow every Beatles fan’s mind away.

the beatles rock band

It is being touted as an interactive documentary featuring behind the scenes stuff, famous and little known tracks by the legendary game, awesome graphics, and many live performances. This is perhaps what the postmodern Beatles listener would want: An evening with other Beatles and video game fans while playing different instruments on the game, perhaps trying to strike the right note playing, recording, manipulating Beatles tracks.

beatles video game rock band

Previously unreleased tracks have been included to attract a crowd that may not really be interested in playing video games. However, the RockBand audience may not be really into Beatles, as the generation that actually plays video games may not be able to relate to the 60s band. It would be interesting how the game would be marketed to an audience of young adults who grew up listening to disco and punk instead of Rock n Roll of the 60s.

rock band the beatles game

Moreover, the ones that listened to Beatles may not actually like playing video games. Thus, there is always the issue of market segmentation. Nevertheless, the game certainly is rich in content, graphics and interactivity. At $56.99, The Beatles: Rock Band is an expensive game, but a must-have for all the generations, past and present. You could also purchase the Beatles Rock Band Wireless Guitar Controller in order to play the game well.

the beatles music game rock band

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