Bloody Super Mario Sprite Tattoo

If you are a Super Mario Bros. fan, you would obviously want to remind yourself and others how madly in love you are with the game and its Sprites. Nintendo will is one such crazy guy who went ahead and got himself a bloody Mario tattoo on his back to prove his allegiance to the gaming character. The guy seems to relax as the blood oozes out of the newly inked Mario tattoo.


Moreover, this apparently was his first tattoo and one can’t but wonder why he took the extreme step of enduring such pain. Super Mario is soon going to be renamed as bloody Mario, with due respects to Bloody Mary who slaughtered as many protestants as she could. In order to sound politically correct, I would say Bloody Mario would not go to the extent of slaughtering gamers if they choose to play some other game other than Super Mario Bros.

If you wish to get yourself a Bloody Mario Sprite tattoo, I would suggest you get it on your biceps, as that would make it seem bigger when you flex your muscles. If you would like to check out other cool tattoos, we had featured a Huge Super Mario Brothers Tattoo, which was also inked on the back of the individual.

Via: BMEzine

2 thoughts on “Bloody Super Mario Sprite Tattoo

  1. van .

    Are you sure it’s a tattoo? It looks like one of those ones where they actually ‘carve’ it into the skin, cutting off a layer of flesh. Tattoos don’t usually get anywhere near that bloody. Mine certainly didn’t.

  2. will .

    I was just googling myself and found this article!
    1 – no its a real tattoo
    2- yes it bled that much
    3- recently I got a full color,same style, poison mushroom on the other side!

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