Super Mario Brothers Plumbers are Real

Whoever thought the Super Mario Brothers were fictional characters created for the pleasure of video game obsessed youngsters would fall unflattering on their behinds the moment they take a look at this photo from U02cdh. Clicked in the summer of 2007, this picture is testimony to the fact that the super plumbers are in fact real.


No doubt, if you try to convince anyone about the truth, you would probably be thrown into an asylum forever where a shrink would pleasantly waste your days pretending you are schizophrenic or something even worse. The Mario Brothers are, obviously, quite real and have been running a plumbing service. Anyone from this century can tell the picture isn’t fake if they would just visit the website proudly painted on the van (yes, it’s real!).

Plumbers everywhere can finally declare the Super Mario Bros their official idols. After all, these plumbers have highlighted the trade to the extent that it is no longer considered a blue-collar job. Mario fans everywhere can finally carry their tool boxes in public without fear of being harassed.


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