Awesome Super Mario Brother Wall Graphics Decals

Any old school gamer is familiar with Super Mario Brother and would highly respect the look and tribute to Mario with these cool looking wall graphics that are colorful, fun and stylish.

super mario brothers wall graphics

super mario brothers wall graphics

The Super Mario Bros wall decals show some of the popular characters (both Mario and a few villains) in an old retro look into the original Nintendo video game. The actual graphics are highly dynamic, so any Mario fan can move them around over and over and continually recreate the Nintendo atmosphere of the room and outside of it.

Each Super Mario wall graphics package consists of three 26″ x 40″ sheets of decals that grant you 36 various decals to use all over and cost only $69.99.

If you are looking for other ways to decorate and accessorize your room with various Super Mario characters, then take a look at the collection of Yoshi toys, the Super Mario Nintendo DS holder or the Super Mario Bros Slippers that will keep your feet warm on those cold Winter gaming nights.

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