Super Mario Bros Pack of Cards Adds New Charm to Old Game

Much before computers and gaming consoles came into existence many people all over the world were addicted to game of cards. Playing cards was the best past time for families and profitable for professional gamblers and even now card games are popular in virtual versions too. If you are a gaming fan and a big fan of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros but you also love shuffling cards for a round of real game with family and friends then you will simply love this Super Mario Bros Playing Cards.

super mario playing cards1

Super Mario Bros Playing Cards are available in three versions: there is standard set of card with pictures of Mario and other characters of the game, there is an 8-bit set which is true collectible for retro geeks reminding them of 8-bit world of games and there is 3D neon version for those who love enhanced special effects.  Mario Bros pictures on the cards have truly added new charm to the good old game of cards.

super mario playing cards2

If you are crazy about Super Mario Bros then you would love to have all three sets as a collectible and totally it will cost only around $60 but you can preorder each set here separately too. These sets of cards can also be gifted to geek friends who are big fans of Mario and other characters of the game.

super mario playing cards3

If you dont like playing cards then you could try Super Mario Bros Yahtzee or Super Mario Bros Chess Board.

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