Nintendo Wiimote Pet Toy

Everyone knows how popular the Nintendo Wii is with both sexes but it remained something of a secret that the Wii is just as popular with other species as well. If you have a cat at home, you already know what I’m talking about.

nintendo wiimote pet toy

Cats are playful creatures so your pet cat wouldn’t like it if you hogged the Wiimote all to yourself. GEEKitty has a Wiimote especially for cats. The special kitty-sized Wiimote is about 6 inches long and is modeled after the original Wiimote with felt. The stuffed Wiimote would be an excellent pet toy for your kitty to sink his claws into and play scratch with. Not to mention, he’ll also enjoy playing some Wii games with you but don’t blame us if he beats you at it!

nintendo wiimote pet toy4

Without any add-on iron or metal pieces, the Wiimote does not pose any safety hazards for your cat. On the other hand, the Wiimote is made with catnip that would drive your tamed feline into bouts of ecstasy. The Wiimote pet toy costs $9 at Etsy’s but you should warn your kitty that this one does not come with a Nunchuk attached. Additionally, you could also buy him the Gameboy Plush Doll to give him some sweet kitty dreams.

nintendo wiimote pet toy2

nintendo wiimote pet toy3

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