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Remember the old days when the sound of someone screaming ‘Punch-Out!!’ only meant that you were being challenged to a harmless, albeit exciting, Nintendo game? If you are feeling nostalgic then relax because the old days are back with a hint of the new Wii (short video below).


The Simple and exciting game Punch-Out!! is back with a vengeance this time on Wii. Featuring all the old players and a mysterious new opponent, the game is set for release on May 22nd of this year. Little Mac’s story is not new to anyone who was into Punch-Out!! As Little Mac, you have to combat with 13 different opponents, including psycho Von Kaiser and the King Hippo, to be declares the ultimate boxer.  The only differences this time round are the awesome 3D graphics coupled with motion sensing controls on the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Those who are completely into the retro feel of the game will be pleased to know they can flip the Wii Remote sideways and mimic the NES controller.

For those of you who never had a chance to play Punch-Out!! or if you think you’ve forgotten your moves then chill because the games offers a tutorial to get you ready before you enter the ring. the game also offers multi-player mode so just wait till May to see who truly is the best as Little Mac.

Moreover, it has been mentioned that this new Nintendo Punch Out may in fact support the Wii Balance Board.

Via: Destructoid

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