Nintendo Reveals Pair of Wii U Bundles Aimed At Japanese Families

The House of Mario will soon be releasing two new Wii U bundles in Japan to help their ailing console.

Wii U Bundles Standard Japan

Trying to jump start the woeful sales of the Wii U – like trying to jump start a beat-up old Dotson – is going to be pretty hard for Nintendo. Even more so in Japan, where the system is running behind the PlayStation Vita in total sold units thus far – and that’s not a place you want to be considering the Vita’s own stinky numbers in Japan.

Smart measures like the ones Nintendo announced this week might be a good primer to reverse those awful trends though – alongside that swell-looking bounty of Holiday games (yes, I’m looking at you Super Mario 3D World) on the arrival – as the company just announced two new Wii U bundles directly focused on families.

Both bundles go on sale in Japan this October 31, and headlines a 32GB Wii U (in choice of black or white), a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U and Wii Party U. Two big family hits, for sure. Nintendo even threw in bonus extras formerly found in the now retired Japanese premium set, á la a Wii Remote, sensor bar, and 30 day membership to Wii Karaoke U.

Wii U Bundles Wii U Fit Japan

Now, the differences between bundles do come down to the addition of Wii Fit U, which oddly comes minus a balance board, yet has a Wii Fit U meter (a pedometer device.) Sans Wii U Fit, the starting bundle costs ¥32,800 (around $332), while the other comes in at ¥34,800 ($352). So about twenty Japanese dollars in between, I’d say.

I’m not one to try understand pricing in another country, definitely when it comes to Japan, but with the original basic set priced at ¥31,500 ($319), no packed in games either, it does represent a hefty infusion of value when compared to what was offered before, a tactic Nintendo seems to copying in the east and west.

The recent $300 price cut of the Wii U here in North America and Europe that is already in effect, plus the aforementioned Japanese bundle I’ve just explained, honestly reflects the kind of kick-in-the-pants the console desperately needs to shake off its bad mojo. And hopefully, it does just that in due time.

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