Nintendo DS Rumble Mod

There couldn’t be a better portable gaming console than the Nintendo DS, as it looks chic and also performs real well. A modder has recently tried to include the rumble effect into the NDS Lite.

nds rumble mod

Though NDS has an inbuilt support for a rumble pack add on, it works only for a few games. However, this modder has tried to bring the rumbling and vibrating effect to all the games, as that increases the gaming experience by bringing in the tactile sensations alive as well.

nds rumble mod prototyping board

He used a micro controller to read the analogue signal that comes from the speakers/headphone socket. These analogue signals would then prompt a motor which comes with an off-set weight attachment and in relation to the volume of the sound, you could experience the rumbling effect.

nds rumble mod led

The default state would keep the rumbling effect switched off, but you could activate it by pressing the select button to light the orange charge LED. You could also visit the modder’s blog at Tailor Made Toys, and read how he built it step by step.

nds rumble mod final

You could ask them to send you one, or build one yourself after reading the detailed steps. It would be awesome to have a DS vibrating every time you score points, or whatever the case in every single game you play. You could read about the NDS Gaming Console Concept, Nintendo 3DS and also the awesome collection of Nintendo DS Mods.

Thanks Christian for the info ūüôā

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