Gamer Gets A Nintendo 3DS AR Card Tattoo

I’ve seen my share of crazy gamer-inspired tattoos, but this one takes the cake. Check out this gamer’s awesome Nintendo 3DS AR Card tattoo.

Nintendo 3DS AR Card Tattoo Image 1

It takes a high level of commitment – not to mention the “huevos” the size of a wrecking ball – to have something permanently inscribed on your body by a very sharp pointy needle that moves as fast as small jack-hammer. Even against my own will by use of a mind-controlling device, I would never in a lifetime get a tattoo (never.) 

Not that I have anything against those who do – oh on the contrary my Internet friends. Tattoos, when done right (and boy do I have a website for you when they don’t,) can be supremely cool and undoubtedly a pretty piece of body-marking art. Having friends who have worked in the tattoo field, I can also tell you that tattoos can come in many creative and unique designs – sometimes a personal reflection of the tattooed.

Nintendo 3DS AR Card Tattoo Image 2

Some tattoos can even come about simply because you just bought a Nintendo 3DS and are happily overwhelmed by its Augmented Reality (AR) abilities, where the 3DS’s camera projects a virtual image into the real world by use of an AR card. Such is the case of this body-art by one hacker-alias Cranberryzero, who on a daredevil whim drilled the recognizable “?” block AR card on his arm.

But of course, the million dollar question remains – does it work? Why yes it does! Well… not in really bright light as Cranberryzero describes in his blog post, but in a low-light setting his Nintendo 3DS is able to detect the tattoo and creepily display a proud miniature bread-wearing Mii, almost as if an inter-dimensional portal opened up on his wrist that lead to a planet filled with tiny green space men.

Really it’s a sight you got to see for yourselves, and thankfully Cranberryzero took a video for all to see! Have a look.

Certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “crawling through my skin.” Of coarse there are easier ways not to lose your AR cards, such as this t-shirt from Level Up Studios that pops up images on your chest like a do-it-yourself papercraft.

Via: Tiny Cartridge

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