Classic NES Super Mario and Duck Hunt Desk Clock Rocks

If you are into NES, you would also be loving all those vintage games like Duck Hunt, Mario and others. Here is a cool desktop clock which brings back all those glorious day when we played games with a certain abandon.

duck hunt clock

Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt were some of the more popular games back then, and of course we loved to play these games on the NES.

duck hunt clock close up

Thus, here is a cool desktop clock that is inspired both these games and perhaps the NES too, in a way. The guys at 8BitMemory on Etsy can make clocks inspired by other games too, if you are not a great fan of Duck Hunt or Super Mario Brothers.

duck hunt clock back

All you would need to do is tell them which game you like and how you want the geeky clock to be. This cool Classic NES Super Mario/Duck Hunt Desk Clock is one of the coolest that I have come across lately, and I must say they add a lot to the geeky atmosphere that people usually like on their desktops. You can check out other vintage game influenced accessories like the Mario Bandages, Super Mario Armbands among others.

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