NES Controller Card Reader Mod

Ryan McFarland has just finished creating the Nintendo controller card reader. Though this may come as a surprise to many Nintendo fans, the card reader seems to be pretty good, and Ryan used a Nintendo controller to mod and finish the card reader. He also used a card reader of his choice and some small screwdrivers to keep all the electronic stuff in place.


The Dremel tool, hobby knife set and the glue were used for making the work easier. The card reader is just about the same size as that of the Nintendo controller. This makes things easier and soldering and opening things up can be avoided.


He placed the card reader in the controller after gluing some buttons in place. He however faced problems while attaching the cord for the card reader. Soldering a new USB cord in proved quite impossible too. Hence, he cut away some parts of the plastic though it meant taking some risk.


The final product did work and to me, it looks pretty cool and useable. Interestingly, people have always found problems in modding the controller to suit the card readers. You can also check out other mods we have featured like the WiiZii External Drive and the Wiimote Mod. You can easily trying doing this yourself too.


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