Namco Bandai’s Mr. Driller Image: Kind Tribute or Just Plain Tasteless?

Namco Bandai recently posted an image of chair character Mr. Driller celebrating the event in which 33 miners were rescued from a Chilean mine. The miners, who had been trapped since early August, were pulled from the mine one-by-one until the very last one was rescued on October 13, just a few days ago. Fortunately, they all survived.

Mr Driller

The above image was created by Namco Bandai and posted as somewhat of a tribute to the miners who had been  underground for about 70 days. The message reads “Bienvenido de nuevo,” which translates into “Welcome back.” Not long after the image was posted via their official Twitter account, it was pulled with the following statement:

“We would like to offer a profound apology to everyone. It was inexcusable.”

It seems that the image may have struck some people the wrong way, though there wasn’t much said, it was strange that it was pulled rather quickly.

Some felt that the Mr. Driller image was insensitive. While it’s obvious that Namco Bandai meant no harm by posting the picture, it’s also understandable how some may see it as little more than a plug for their game.

Some just see it as a well-meaning attempt that was in ill-taste. While we can’t speak for the miners or their families, we don’t think there was a lot of wrong in the image. It was made to celebrate a wonderful event that could have otherwise ended in tragedy. I believe that we were all rooting for the safe return of the miners involved, and that very few saw the picture as an attempt by Namco Bandai to make light of a serious situation.

Still, everyone survived, and the families are reunited. It’s time to look onto less serious things like hidden characters in NBA Jam, or more on Epic Mickey.

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