Kirby Wii & Kirby Mass Attack Coming In Fall

Instead of leaves turning brown, they just might turn pink as two new Kirby games are coming our way in the Fall, one for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. 

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Rolling out another famous series staple besides Mario & Link (again,) Nintendo is bringing back that lovable pink puff Kirby for two games both on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS that oddly enough are launching about around the same time.

The first is Kirby Wii for the Nintendo Wii (of course) with a very loose fall date — which if I can summarize quickly, is basically your stand-by Kirby formula of vacuuming enemies and adsorbing their powers to unleash a fury of rainbows and cupcakes (not exactly, but hey it’s close enough.)

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But wait — that’s not all, because Kirby Wii also provides its audience some four-player cooperative multiplayer fun where you can control King DeDe and others to help (or hinder) your friends. Just by looks alone, its an almost dead-on copy to the kind of multiplayer co-op found in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (and hopefully just as wacky.)

Alrighty then, so the other Kirby related item that is coming out this fall is called, Kirby Mass Attack. Out on September 19, Mass Attack is a Nintendo DS game that has players control the adorable “pinkster” through standard platform levels by use of the DS stylus alone.

Kirby Mass Attack DS Image 1

Now where the “Mass Attack” portion of the game refers to, is the sheer amount of craziness it throws out.  Here’s how it goes — when you fill up your life gauge to 100% by eating food you find through the stage, at that exact point another Kirby magic pops out and helps you along your quest.

Where it gets crazy though, is that you can perform this “Kirby conjuring” every time you fill up your health bar. Poof! Out comes another Kirby — and so forth — and so forth — to then where you could actually have the amount of Kirbys that can fill up the whole top Nintendo DS screen! It’s incredibly goofy.

Kirby Mass Attack DS Image 2

Yet dig this — it’s actually super beneficial for you to have so many Kirbys at once, because then you can obliterate enemies and demolish anything from blocks to giant veggies to find alternative paths or goodies. Plus it’s all done so cutely in that Kirby style that begs to be hugged (although don’t, I’m pretty sure your DS warranty doesn’t cover breakage do to hugs.)

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