Kid Icarus: Uprising To Have Multiplayer & AR Card Battles

Learn about Kid Icarus: Uprising’s online multiplayer and AR card battles, which were just announced at this year’s E3.

Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS Image 1

Coming this Holiday Season to the Nintendo 3DS is Kid Icarus: Uprising, the long awaited return of angelic hero Pit and a series that wasn’t really good to begin with honestly (what?! I’m just saying!) But that’s neither here or there, because this 3DS game isn’t anything like the 8-bit original you might remember — it’s totally different and totally awesome.

Directed by Masahiro Sakurai, the same creative mind that gave us Kirby & the Super Smash Bros. series, Uprising recently received some well deserved attention at Nintendo’s E3 keynote. There up on the giant widescreen, a good sampling of the game’s thrilling mix of air and ground combat was displayed, as well as a surprised showing of it’s multiplayer.


3-on-3 online multiplayer to be specific — which, basically takes Uprisings’ ground-based gameplay and divides it into a competitive team-based battle using weapons with their own special abilities and shortcomings. In order to win a match, teams must lower their opponent’s shared health-bar and when a “Pit icon” appears over one individual’s head, the team that takes out that player is declared the proud victor.

One peculiar thing I should point out at the end of that E3 trailer for Uprising, was a brief look at an interesting feature using augmented reality cards — the very same ones used for the 3DS (oh look a t-shirt.) The AR cards had different characters from Uprising, like Pit and Medusa, that when placed side-by-side, came to life and would actually start fighting each other. How cool!

Kid Icarus Uprising AR Card Pit Image

Nintendo didn’t say exactly how these AR cards would make their way into Kid Icarus: Uprising — although maybe they plan on packing one random Uprising character card with each game and have fans try to find other fans with different cards, social interaction with other people — you know — that kind of thing.

Via: Gamepro

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