Golden Wii Controller is Almost as Cool as Being Bond

This gold-colored Classic Controller Pro may not give you any gameplay advantages, but it will sure as heck make you a lot cooler than your friends–at least during intense four-player deathmatch sessions. Many gamers of the Nintendo 64 era rememeber the glory days of  sleepovers with their friends as they played endless hours of GoldenEye on the classic Nintendo console. You would play until your friends fell asleep one by one, and the clock on the wall said 4AM. It didn’t matter, it was summertime, and you didn’t have to be anywhere. Most of us grew up and had to get jobs. Welcome to the real world. Goodbye fun times.

Golden Controller Wii

Those days may be coming back, if not to us mid-20s gamers, to a younger generation who will experience gameplay in splitscreen mode. Something developers are all too fond of avoiding these days.

Along with the new controller Activision announced that the game will have various control methods. David Pokress, Head of Marketing for Licensed Properties at Activision, said via press release, “In addition to the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, GoldenEye will also support the Wii Zapper for ‘point and shoot’ gamers, giving players several ways to experience GoldenEye on the Wii.”

“We also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pay homage to the golden gun with the gold Classic Controller Pro, which looks cool and also gives shooter fans a familiar control scheme to use as they blast their way through the game,” Pokress added.

As he says, the controller is obviously inspired by the golden gun, and some fans will remember that the golden gun was even available in the original GoldenEye game, and feared any player who happened to be carrying it.

Nintendo first announced the game during their E3 press conference in Los Angeles, which was regarded as one of Nintendo’s strongest showings in years, perhaps since the original showing of the Wii when Shigeru Miyamoto conducted an orchestra of Miis to the tune of the Legend of Zelda theme.

This is definitely cool if you were on the fence about the Classic Controller Pro, which was released earlier this year. Those of you old enough to remember the N64 days may be interested in checking out this mod that literally placed a Nintendo 64 into a handheld gaming device. Sure, it’s clunky, but it’s a Nintendo 64!

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