Edible Super Mario Mushrooms

There is something about food art that is quite intriguing, especially with Anna the Red, who makes some amazing pieces of art and puts them up with step by step instructions. First there was the Mario Mushroom from a Radish which looked like a really fun weekend project, or just general food decoration. Although that seemed quite awesome, these other Mario Mushrooms were so much better!

You can use these instructions to make both the Super mushroom as well as the 1-up mushroom, and both of them end up looking quite realistic, and from the look of the ingredients, I’m sure they taste quite good as well.

According to Anna the Red, regardless of whether you are going to make the Super Mushroom or the 1-up mushroom, you will need a quail egg (or hot dog sausage, which makes a kinda reddish brown mushroom face, but looks quite good anyways), cheese, seaweed. For the Super Mushroom you will additionally need a cherry tomato, for the 1-up mushrooms she suggests you use potato salad and microwaved and dried lettuce. Granted, these seem like some very bizarre ingredients, especially to make a mushroom, but the result is quite phenomenal.

The super mushroom starts out quite simply, but the 1-up mushrooms looks a bit scary when she starts off… I’ve put the pictures here to give you an idea of how it starts and how it ends up



After this, it’s a bit of cheese here, a bit of seaweed there… and hey presto!


Wonder if they taste as good as they look? They probably do right?

For othe cool Nintendo food art, check out Link Bento Art and also the amazing Nintendo Wii Cakes.

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