Could This Be The Nintendo eShop’s Initial Line-Up?

While we might not no for sure what will Nintendo’s eShop might have inside come June 6, perhaps this simple image one Nintendo’s website gives us a peak at it.

Nintendo eShop Display Image 1

As mentioned previously here on Wiinoob, the launch of Nintendo’s much anticipated digital content store, the eShop, was delayed to the day before E3 on June 6 for North America. That date is pretty much set in stone (hopefully,) but what we’d really like to be as solid as a rock is what we can expect once the eShop is open to the masses.

Once thing that was suppose to be apart of the eShop’s opening festivities was Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, the pay demo version of the upcoming Blue Bomber adventure based on the cult-favorite Legend series — sadly its been pushed back and is reported by Capcom to be receiving some extra time in the oven (insert frowny face here.)

All is not lost though, if this picture above from Nintendo’s website is any indication of what might be available on day one, then all is good (insert smiley face here!)

Nintendo eShop Display Image 2

From the image and starting from the right, we can see the DSiWare version of one of my personal favorite indie games, Cave Story, Tetris Party Live, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, and then the Virtual Console selections of Super Mario Land and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX. Oh and some racing game I have no clue what it. Seriously, what heck is that?

Nintendo eShop Display Image 3

You can also see from that image, the Netflix logo nicely below the Virtual Console one, which could leave open the possibility that along with the web browser and eShop updates on June 6, we might see Netflix offerings on that same day too.

Of course this image could of just been slapped together by a few interns over at Nintendo and not an actually account of what will be available come that day.  Fingers crossed though!

Via: Nintendo

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