Cool Toad Gets 3D

Imagine going to work and being burdened by all those email attachments and ringing phones when all you need is a savior of sorts to get you away from the humdrum! Toad from Super Mario Bros. could be that savior and comes in the form of a pencil pot.

Eric Pautz has designed a beautiful pencil pot which is inspired by the Super Mario character and the toad he saves. Eric has used MDF and acrylic paint.


You would no longer have to worry or get disgusted with all the boring junk you would find in your office. All you would need to do in order to dissociate from your surroundings is just take a look at this Toad pencil holder. That very moment you would be transported to the world of Super Mario and the forbidden walls of the castle he has to scale and defeat the minions of King Koopa.


Such flights of escape from reality provide the much needed break from the daily humdrum of life, all thanks to Super Mario! If you want this cool Pencil Pot, you may need to contact the designer as we don’t have any information about its price or availability. What is already available in the market are the cool Super Mario Keychains which also glow. If you are loaded, why not try the Super Mario Fashion Pendant!

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