Build Your Own Mario Kart Racetrack With Super Mario And His Buddies

Do (build) it yourself Super Mario Race Car Track – what more could the Super Mario Fans ask for? It seems like the perfect geeky toy for old school Mario fanatic.
Racing is always fun, and if you ask me the best set of race cars that exist are the Mario game cars, they are just too cute! Here comes a Mario Kart slot racetrack that you can set up yourself and have loads of fun with your buddies. Girls can also have some fun since Princess Peach is also racing, so you can also have some customized racing fun now!
While the highlights are four curves at 1/90°, four high banked curves at 2/45°, and 8 Loop sections with supports, this Mario Kart Slot Racetrack has an amazing feel to the game, and it is available for $199.99 where you can check out the other specifications of the racetrack set. Happy Racing! Watch out, dont drive off the road!
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