Freaky Costume of Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 was a great game back in the day with great Nintendo characters such as the famed Birdo we can see here. Even though it kind of ended up on the shelves without as much recognition as the other games in the Super Mario Brothers series, some fan must have really loved Birdo in order to make such a freaky looking costume.

super mario bros 2 birdo costume

This Birdo costume will freak out any Nintendo fan and kids alike. With all the latex, flashy colors and overall style, gamers would probably stay away from it and only fetishists will like to try it on.

In the end though, as crazy looking as it is, it is creative and very well made. I personally would not wear it, but there are some crazed fans out there that may like to play as the nurse..I mean villain.

Via: GeekStir

4 thoughts on “Freaky Costume of Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2

  1. wayc .

    I think it’s pretty hot! I’d love to meet the person who made it and flirt with (her?) while she wore it. Birdo is the bomb! 😀 Does that make Bomb-omb the bird? XD

  2. Andi .

    That costume is awesome on so many levels. Just found the pic via Google image search for Mario Bros. So original and interesting.

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