A Trip Down Memory Lane With GamePro TV

Gaming has gone a  long way since the NES era. My generation was born shortly after the North American videogame crash of 1983, so we missed out on the Atari era. We were a group raised by the Nintendo Entertainment System.

GamePro TV Host JD Roth

Every once in a while I get a little nostalgic. This usually happens on weekend nights. I turn to YouTube and start looking around for old videos from the late 80s and early 90s. These videos take me back to my childhood, and I imagine they do the same for many others my age. That’s probably why they are on YouTube now. Just imagine an entire generation of 20-somethings who watch these videos and are taken back to the 8-bit days.

This time while doing a search I ran into GamePro TV. The show was horrible. It was beyond bad. The thing is, we didn’t give a crap how bad the show was. We loved it because it was about videogames. By today’s standards, even for kids, the show is lame. Back in that era? J.D. Roth was king. If there was a TV show, he was probably the host. Much like Ryan Seacrest is today. Along with Roth was a stoner co-host guy by the name of Brennan Howard who obviously served as the comic-relief geek. The sad thing is that we actually found it funny. Of course this wasn’t the only thing GamePro had going for it. It had actually started out as a magazine.

Back then, the Internet wasn’t as readily available as it is today. Even if you did have Internet access, this was a long time before you could hop online and check out you favorite RSS feeds for the latest news. Most magazines probably hadn’t thought to capitalize on the idea of online content. You had to subscribe, or watch bad TV shows, to know what was going on. Subscribing to a gaming magazine like GamePro meant you were the man. It’s the magazine I subscribed to for several years. I waited patiently every month for the latest issue. When it came in, I would immediately rip off the plastic wrapping and examine the latest cover. Tips, tricks, news…It was all in my hands. I was a freakin’ GamePro!  It’s actually one of the few gaming-focused magazines from those days that still exists. Some may not be fond of it, but I’d like to think that its longevity counts for something.

Man, those were the days.

Check out the video below to see the kind o top-quality entertainment my generation was subjected to. Boy, did we love it:

We love classic games. Have a look at some Mario art, or smile when you see this chrome NES.

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