Celebrate 20 Years of Sonic With Mad Catz’s Limited Edition Sonic the Hedgehog Charger

Charge your Nintendo Wii Remotes in true blue style, with a Wii Remote charger headlined by Sega’s lightening-fast mascot Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog Charger 1

2011 will mark 20 years since the first Sonic the Hedgehog game was released in North America. (Although to be fair, it doesn’t actually turn 20 until June 23.) Just a simple idea ,by Sega, to create a rival mascot to the likes of Nintendo’s Mario, has today sonic-boomed into world-wide popularity.

It’s been a memorable ride of games for Sonic and his cast of furry cohorts — from the humble days on the Sega Genesis, to multi-platform consoles and handhelds, including today being on, past business rival, Nintendo systems, and now the virtual delivery highway that is the digital distribution front.

Sonic the Hedgehog GEN Image 1

And whether you’ve moved on in your gaming tastes, or never cared at all for the blue dude with attitude, unarguably Sonic has played a vital part in the foundation of the video game industry, especially during the 16-bit era.

So what better way to celebrate Sonic’s 20 enduring years, but with a Nintendo Wii Remote charger. Er… well, I could find a lot of things better than just a simple Wii-Mote to commemorate such as special event — yet, it’s a cool device that should be noted gosh darn-it!

Introducing the Sonic the Hedgehog Figure Inductive Charger by Mad Catz. A limited edition individually numbered Wii Remote charger, that not only feeds juice to your power-hungry motion controllers, but also has a super awesome 6-inch tall Sonic the Hedgehog figure planted in the middle of the device.

Sonic the Hedgehog Charger 2

Standing upon a round green base, identically similar to check-board levels from the early Sonic the Hedgehog 16-bit games, this Sonic mini-statue is giving out a mighty peace sign to all… or maybe he’s telling you how many Wii Remotes you can charge.

Right now you can buy a piece of Sonic’s 20th birthday with Mad Catz’s limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog Figure Inductive Charger for a hefty price of $49.99. A little pricey, yes — but all is fair when cashing in on our own video game nostalgia.

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