Nintendo Wii Steering Wheel Joystick Design

The Nintendo gaming paraphernalia is real swell but that doesn’t stop any gamer from coming out with mods. From super designs to features that encompass all the desires of gamers, mods are signs of heading to perfection. The Pongle concept is part of the same tradition.


The Pongle, designed by Hayes Urban, is made using the best of both the steering wheel and joystick. Intended as the best gaming console of the future, the Wii ongle has a large knob with a movable outer ring in place of the joystick and having all the features of one. The knob also doubles up as buttons 1 and 2 with its push/pull feature. The device has in built speakers and gyro technology and with the practical design it can completely take over from the consoles available today.

The use of a steering wheel or joystick while playing a game necessitates the buying of the two devices. If a device like Pongle which incorporates the best of both joysticks and wheels get into the market, it may make the traditional devices obsolete in some time.


Thanks to Hayes Urban for the wonderful Wii concept images!

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